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05.soportes a la investifacion

Research support



Support throughout your research projects:

  • Real-world evidence (RWE) clinical studies
  • Implementation and exploitation of patient registries
  • Clinical practice studies:
    • Studies of professional and patient preferences
    • KAP studies (knowledge, attitudes and practice)
    • Opinion polls
  • Consensus methodologies for clinical practice (Delphi)

Support for your studies:

  • Advice on study design
  • Preparation of clinical research protocols and amendments
  • Collaboration in academic or investigator-sponsored proposals
  • Evaluation of methodology and data analysis
  • Advice on the interpretation of results
  • Generation of  dashboards and data visualization tools
  • Programming and management of platforms for questionnaires and Delphi surveys
  • Production of research support documents:
    • Preparation of  study concepts
    • Protocols and additional documentation for ethics committees
    • Drafting of results reports and clinical study reports (CSR)

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