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Good study design and responsible interpretation and understanding of the results lead to judicious decision-making.

  • Advice on different RWE capproaches with the design of:
    • Population studies
    • Case reports
    • Case series
    • Cohort studies
    • Case-control studies
    • Diagnostic test studies
    • Secondary research
    • Meta-analyses
    • Ecological studies
    • Modelling
    • Consensus studies using the Delphi method
  • Statistical analysis plan design and choice of techniques:
    • Sampling strategy design
    • Sample size calculation
    • Study monitoring: data quality, estimation and elimination of biases, etc.
    • Advice on data collection instruments: development and validation of questionnaires and care quality indicators, preferences, KAP (knowledge, attitudes and practices), etc.
    • Cost calculator
  • Conduct of the analysis:
    • Descriptive statistics
    • Simple and multivariate inferential statistics
    • Time series analysis
    • Modelling with multicausal models
    • Cluster analysis
    • Multiple correspondence analysis
    • Omics data analysis
    • Meta-analysis and network meta-analysis
    • Data mining with NLP and sentiment analysis
    • Simulation study
  • Drafting of final reports and interpretation of results

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