A consulting firm specializing in science communication

MSC is a consulting firm specializing in science communication that offers services to companies in the healthcare sector.

Our goal is to provide scientific support to Medical Affairs and Medical Departments in the pharmaceutical industry. We provide support and training in the field of medical literature and critical analysis of scientific papers.

We ensure absolute confidentiality of your projects

Our staff is made up of professionals with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry and scientific research.

We ensure absolute confidentiality of your projects by having our own team of medical writers, scientific translators and biostatisticians. The flow of information between our departments guarantees an end result of the highest quality..

Our organisational structure allows us to work simultaneously on a variety of projects, prepared ad hoc and characterised by innovation and creativity.

We are structured into three main divisions

Medical Writing

Comprehensive support in the publication of scientific articles:

  • Writing in all formats from the beginning or at any stage, for national and international journals.
  • Advice on choosing the best journal for each project.
  • Preparation of the cover letter and submission.
  • Management of peer review feedback.
  • Review and adaptation of manuscripts for resubmission to another journal.

Scientific meetings and training:

  • Abstracts and posters.
  • Coverage of conferences/symposia for the preparation of scientific materials.
  • Slide kits from articles, study results, literature reviews, etc.

Support for research: 

  • Drafting of clinical research protocols.
  • Drafting of final reports and interpretation of results.


  • Literature searches.
  • Scientific press clippings and reviews.
  • Preparation of website content for patients and professionals.
  • Personalised projects according to the client’s needs.
Scientific translation

Our translators are scientists specialised in the translation of medical and pharmaceutical texts, with extensive experience in the sector, who always work into their native language:

  • Scientific translation ES>EN and EN>ES with double revision process.
  • Editing of texts in English and Spanish, with review of style and spelling/grammar check.
  • Adaptation to the instructions and style of the selected journal (scientific articles).
  • Functional translation (simplification of terminology for the general population and adaptation of scientific texts for patient information materials).
  • Contact us for other language combinations.

In order to get the most out of your data, we work closely with the Medical Writing team to define the analysis to be performed:

  • Study design
  • Calculation of sample size
  • Database design and programming
  • Complete or partial statistical analysis

which are complemented with our departments:

Marketing         Graphic Design         E-Science

What do we offer you?

Our consultants assist according to the client’s needs:
1) with gathering, transcribing and summarising the contents of the meeting,
2) as moderators to facilitate discussions and the achievement of objectives:

  • To seek the real views of experts on study findings or outcomes.
  • To define the medical strategy and key messages.
  • To know the market and competitors.
  • To involve experts in new projects.

The profile of the professional assigned to your project and the methodology are chosen according to the objective of each meeting:

  • Coverage of AB/meetings: recording of the meeting, with the debates and colloquia, and taking the meeting minutes.
  • Moderation of ABs to reach the defined objectives.
    • Moderation of expert meetings using critical reading as a method.
    • With metaplan methodology (voice/hearing/sight) to encourage the participation of all experts.
    • Using a specialised facilitator to optimise the outcomes.

Training given by experts in communication:

  • Critical reading of scientific papers
  • Medical writing
  • Bioethics / biosimilars
  • Biostatistics
  • Literature searches and new technologies

We develop specific contents for in-house and/or client training:

  • Ad hoc courses on products/competitors through critical reading of papers.
  • Train the trainers
  • Courses for review and comparison of Summary of Product Characteristics. .

  • Posters for conferences.
  • Slide kits.
  • Layout for scientific journals, reports and theses.
  • Material for sales networks.

On-line platforms for collecting data from multicentre or marketing studies. The aim is to facilitate this task for researchers and sponsors, simplifying the process of data entry and analysis through on-line questionnaires.

Websites for patient associations, conferences and medical societies.

Webinars aimed at the pharmaceutical industry, which allow events to be followed in real time, such as presentation of clinical trial results, product launches and customer training courses.


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